The 2GF100-110 Card

The 2GF100-110 is a dual channel frame synchronizer with backup inputs and 8 channel audio transparency and color correcting capabilities. The powerful matrix multiplexer can feed audio from the embedded domain into the Synapse bus to an ADD-ON card like the DIO48. This matrix multiplexer also allows for audio to be inserted from the ADD-ON bus into the embedded domain of the 2GF100-110. The 2GF110 adds a full audio shuffler and audio proc-amp with gain and phase control.

The 2GF100/110 also allows you to swap timecode data from channel one to channel two or vice versa, where the delay timing of the timecode is copied from the source channel.

The 2GF100/110 is compatible with 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s for full 1080p/50 or 1080p/59.94 use.